We are a community interest company (CIC) which is a type of social enterprise. Like a charity it has a stated mission, known as the ‘community interest statement’, and a clearly defined set of activities. There are also restrictions on how it can spend its money. The ‘asset lock’ for a CIC states that it must reinvest any revenue that it generates in supporting its local community and furthering its mission.

Our organisation has been set up to preserve, research and share knowledge about the medicinal plants and indigenous traditions of the Gabonese forest people for the benefit of all of humanity.

There are many blessings of the forest but the herbal medicine iboga is particularly important as an endangered species, classified in July 2000 as a ‘National Cultural Heritage and Strategic Reserve’ by the Ex-President of Gabon, El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba.

Blessings of the Forest C.I.C is a Community Interest Company, a Social Enterprise registered in England in October 2015 as a Company limited by shares (Company No:9816364).